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Five Days Until Santa Launches

Five Days Until Launch

10 Days Until Santa LaunchesFive days until Santa launches! Holy smokes, this is exciting.

I have been talking to new tracker elves all over the world. They have been sending me pictures of their home tracking centers. They have them decorated with maps and Christmas trees. Some are using computers, some use tablets and some use phones. Many have radios. Some even have HAM radios. How cool is that?

Over at SantaTrackers.net we’re starting to get instruction now from Elf supervisors who are now working in regional tracking centers.

The regional tracking center for Sector 2 (Asia and the Middle East) is located in a place called Rudolph Island, which I believe is in Russia. It’s very remote. Yet the regional HQ for Sector 4 is in La Paz, Bolivia.

I guess it really does not matter much where the regional tracking center it. I think it is just smart the way North Pole Flight Command organizes things. There are basically six tracking centers around the the world – one in each Sector and then, of course, Flight Command at the North Pole. Someone is always in contact with Santa at all times and they are monitoring his progress and checking on his needs.

Each regional tracking center has millions of elves out there who are working as tracker elves. They keep an eye out for Santa and report things to the North Pole via their assigned tracking center. You see how brilliantly this is all organized.

That’s Santa for you. I’m told he even coordinates his sock drawer by color. But don’t quote me on that.

Anyway, I’m sure you have questions about tracking Santa. We’re here to help. Do not be afraid to ask questions in the comments below, or visit us in North Pole Chat at the scheduled times. We’ll be glad to help.

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  1. Doge
    Doge says:

    To answer all your questions Santa leaves at Christmas Eve at 2 am eastern standard time, for Las Vegas that’ll be 11 PM on the 23rd and for pacific time it’ll be 12 AM.

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