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Millions Enroll as Tracker Elves for Santa

Millions Enroll as Tracker Elves for Santa 1

Millions Enroll as Tracker Elves for Santa 2Millions are now enrolling as tracker elves that want to track Santa for Santa this Christmas. Just as we saw last Christmas we are seeing a surge in this final week before Christmas of people from all over the world of all ages rushing to sign up and then get trained as elves.

International Director of Santa Trackers, Elf Roger Star, predicted at a Tracker Elf Conference held last weekend that he would not be surprised if more than 50 million elves will be on the job for Santa this Christmas. The original goal was 40 million for this year but Roger said due to so many being out of school and work the interest level combined with the time on their hands has made tracking Santa for Santa a very popular thing to do this Christmas.

Santa is reportedly thrilled with the response. For Santa, the more tracker elves he has the better his flight will go.

The core function of tracker elves is to be Santa’s eyes on the ground in every neighborhood. They observe and report conditions to the North Pole. Everything from the weather to obstacles are reported, which help Santa to travel more safely and, in many places, to move more quickly.

It is no secret that Santa enjoys trying to set a new speed record each year. Even more important than that goal is the goal of completing his trip around the globe in better time than the year before.

Yes, Santa is highly competitive. But this is kind of a sport to him and he is always trying to improve. His tracker elves out there do a great service in letting Santa know what he is in for no matter where he flies.

Last year during the last week we saw on some days more than 2 million new elves join the ranks. Yesterday was the first time all season that more than 2 million signed up in a single day.

“With a total now almost to 48 million I think it is safe to say that 60 million is a now a realistic level,” Elf Roger said. “It’s going to make the new goal that Santa will set next summer look really insane!”

If you want to know more about tracking Santa for Santa, please click here.

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