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New North Pole Podcast Tells New Stories of Santa

Stuff You Don't Know About Santa

North Pole PodcastThe newest episode of the North Pole Podcast is out and it tells some rather unique stories of Santa that may surprise people.

Santa really does not like the attention many people on him. In fact, one story told during this episode talks about how Santa misses the old days when he could simply deliver Christmas to a home and just leave, without the whole world making a big deal of it. He continues to emphasize that Christmas is not about him.

The episode came about by the request of several of our site users and podcast listeners, many of whom are teachers. 3rd grade teacher Gloria Caldwell reached out to us as she was putting together a lesson plan for her class. She was frustrated with the lack of information out there about Santa today.

This episode comes about partly because of her efforts. Many of her questions were used in this episode. We also heard from several parents who are having to homeschool their children these days and they wanted unique stories of Santa to share as well.

We find through the mail that comes in to the North Pole Post Office that the questions about Santa are just unending.

Please continue to ask them. We will continue to do our best to answer them.

And by all means, enjoy this brief episode of the North Pole Podcast.

Elf Ernest