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Snowy Reindeer Games Features Surprises by Vixen

Snowy Reindeer Games
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Snowy Reindeer Games Features Surprises by Vixen

Snowy Reindeer GamesIt’s a snowy mess at the Reindeer Games this week as organizers rushed events to avoid a premature shut-down of the games. Weather forecasters say a bitter cold front will drop temperatures to a dangerous level within days here at the North Pole, potentially affecting the games.

It is too bad as Vixen continues to surprise with her performance. Today in a contest of flying skill rarely seen she beat out both Donner and Blitzen to win the day. Vixen is still the points leader after four days of competition and she is now headed into events that are more to her strengths. In fact, reindeer analysts here at the North Pole now say Vixen has a better than 75% chance of winning.

The weather is not only affecting the competition it is affecting the debate surrounding Vixen. There are some here who say she is winning because of the weather. Supporters on Team Vixen argue that is unfair to her and all the work she has put in over the past several months.

Today’s white-out conditions made for some ridiculous scenes at the games. While the reindeer were not affected much – they love the snow – officials and spectators alike had a hard time seeing the competition.

The weather even impacted the North Pole Radio News team. As you can hear in the report below they had a hard time getting their report in today.

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