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North Pole Weather Concerns Growing

North Pole Weather Concerns
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Weather Concerns Growing

North Pole WeatherNorth Pole weather can be very unpredictable — except for this year. It has snowed every day here since October 24th – 43 consecutive days! The stuff is piling up here like you wouldn’t believe.

This is the North Pole, after all, and it snows a lot here. But we are soon to have a bigger problem, as you’ll hear in the North Pole Radio News report below. It is forecast to get exceptionally cold some time next week.

The big question that leaves for us is whether or not the Reindeer Games will be able to be completed. With temperatures expected to bottom out at greater than 30 below zero it will be far too dangerous to let the games go on.

Santa was made aware of the forecast and the Reindeer Department is looking at moving all outdoor activities up on the schedule to leave the indoor activities to occur later next week. We don’t know yet when the cold blast is supposed to hit exactly and we may not know that information for a few days.

In other news, we have a lot of activity in the North Pole chatroom these days. Yesterday, Elf Frank Myrrh was there and it was a very active session. The radio report you listen to below was recorded BEFORE last night’s chat so for those of you who were there and wanted Frank to do a shout out for you we remind you to please listen to tomorrow’s report for that.

Several new chats have been added for next week, including another scheduled chat with Santa. We are grateful he continues to make room in his busy schedule for these events.

More to come tomorrow!

Elf Ernest

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    Lots of snow is good.

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    I love the North Pole I wish I was there to help you out until I meet you hope you have a good day as well to meet you

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