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Lots of Reindeer Babies at the North Pole

Lots of Reindeer Babies at the North Pole 1
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Lots of Reindeer Babies at the North Pole

Reindeer babiesThere are lots of reindeer babies at the North Pole. And I mean a lot of them.

As you will hear from the North Pole Radio News report from today (in the player below), part of the preparation efforts of the annual Reindeer Games is a count of all the reindeer that are here. Santa never really knows how many are coming.

This year there are a great many reindeer – 65,395 reindeer to be exact. Almost 30,000 of that number are reindeer babies.

Well, it only makes sense that reindeer would bring their families with them, right?

That’s exactly what happens. Part of the reason they bring the babies is because they don’t want to leave them back home. They also bring the babies so that they can get a name.

Santa names the babies and it is one of his favorite things to do. He loves doing it because he shares that responsibility with you. To help Santa name the reindeer, just go to this link.

Santa will work all December and after Christmas with this task. But this year there is a lot more reindeer here than any ever anticipated. So it is a big job. If you have a name you’d like to see a reindeer have, please add it to Santa’s list at the link above.

None of these babies, of course, will be working for Santa on Christmas Eve. That’s the work of grown up reindeer. And there are plenty of those reindeer here this year too. In fact, Santa is quite encouraged by the number of reindeer that are here. He feels the more reindeer that show up means that Santa will have that much better of a chance of a successful mission.

So things look pretty good for this year.

The reindeer games are part of it all and those games start tomorrow. As usual, we have snow in the forecast. Reindeer Department specialists assure us that the snow will not affect the games or the reindeer in any way. In fact, I’m told the conditions are perfect for competition.

We expect the games to take several days. Of course, we will bring you the big news of the games right here.

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