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Sugar Cookie Bets Soar on Reindeer Rumors

Sugar Cookie Bets
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Sugar Cookie Bets Soar on Reindeer Rumors

Sugar Cookie Bets on ReindeerSugar cookie bets are serious business at the North Pole. Money really does not mean much at the North Pole but sugar cookies do. So elves here bet frequently with sugar cookies.

The sugar cookie bets today were all about the reindeer. Elves are betting heavily that the reindeer are coming back, just in time for Thanksgiving and the kick-off of Operation Merry Christmas.

As we noted earlier today, these rumors about the reindeer are really just rumors. We don’t KNOW yet if the reindeer are actually back.

But we all sure hope it is true. The reindeer being back would be good for morale. Everyone would feel so much better if they were here to celebrate Thanksgiving with us and to do all the things we like to do together come Thursday and Friday.

I have talked to a lot of people today, including Elf Victor and Santa. Both of them said they don’t know anything about when the reindeer would be home. There is really no one for them to talk to about it. Santa insists this is something that the reindeer decide and do together.

Usually, they come back in September. So maybe you can understand why everyone has been so anxious it. When they come back they do it in small groups and in families. Usually it takes a good two to three weeks before ALL the reindeer are back.

So you can see why some people think that whatever this thing is they saw on radar flying to the North Pole may not be reindeer at all. What if it is only a giant flock of geese? What if it is some funky new kind of plane some country somewhere is testing? What if it is swans or eagles or some other kind of flying animal?

You see, that’s why elves are placing bets. There are sugar cookies to be won!

Some are betting the reindeer are back. Some are betting they are not.

In talking with flight analysts at the North Pole Tracking Center the “thing” as some call it is moving slowly. It won’t be here today. They think some time tomorrow, if the thing stays on its present course, it will be here during the day.

So, if by Monday morning it’s not here, then all bets are off. The bets are all about reindeer on Sunday — or not at all by Monday morning.

The elves are having a lot of fun with this. It’s a good diversion.

We also hope it is good news.

Take a listen to the North Pole Radio News Report below about this story today. Frank and Crash have some interesting things to say.

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