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Rumors Swirl of Reindeer Return

Rumors Swirl of Reindeer Return 1

Breaking NewsA short time ago breaking news was reported from North Pole Flight Command. They are tracking a massive object moving towards the North Pole.

News of the event has quickly spread at the North Pole and speculation is running rampant that Santa’s reindeer might be what the unidentified object is. Please note: we do NOT have any confirmation of this and it remains at this time just a rumor.

We have reached out to Santa, Elf Victor and North Pole Flight Command concerning this event and cannot reach anyone at this time to give us more information.

The North Pole Radio News team has dispatched reported to Flight Command and we will provide their news update as soon as it becomes available.

Santa has long told us this season not to worry about the reindeer and that he was confident they would return soon.

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  1. Maddy
    Maddy says:

    When will the app come out? When it does you could track the reindeer so you know where they are

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