Operation Merry Christmas Begins in 7 Days

Operation Merry Christmas

Operation Merry ChristmasOperation Merry Christmas begins in just 7 days. I cannot believe this little countdown is nearly over.

Things are so busy here at the North Pole. But it may not be busy with the stuff you think. Everyone is working on two things right now: their Christmas lights. And decorating their trikes for the big Thanksgiving Day Elf Parade.

I have one serious concern about the parade. It has snowed — LITERALLY!!! — every day so far in November. I’m not even kidding. I stopped shoveling two weeks ago because I’m just sick of it.

I know as an elf I’m supposed to love the snow but — come ON!!! Will it ever stop?

So my Christmas lights aren’t getting anywhere yet.

There’s this guy…Elf Jeremy I’ll call him. That’s not his real name but I’ll call him that because I once had a cat name Jeremy.

Anyway, Elf Jeremy works with North Pole Power & Light and they had a repair that they had to do in our neighborhood and he knocked on my door last week to get to my back yard. Anyway. I think Elf Jeremy is crushing on me. He has stopped by my house every day since for one reason or another.

Sweet guy. Anyway. He’s putting my lights up for me using his power truck from the light company. No ladders for me! I’ll make him some cookies.

Still, my lights are no big deal.

I’m not all that serious about the Christmas light contest. I mean, I love Christmas lights. But to me, less is more, you know? I’m a simple kind of girl. My decorations have to be tasteful. I don’t need 400 gajillion billion lights on my house, right?

I think Christmas lights in the snow are pretty. Especially if there’s enough darkness to still see the moon.

I have a neighbor. He’s an elf that works in the Post Office Department. That dude is one serious Christmas light freak. He’s been working on his lights here since August. I kid you not. So far he has only turned on a few lights here and there to test. But he’s got his whole house so wired with lights that I cannot see his house anymore. I’m dead serious. All I see is a big old wad of lights.

We’re all going to need sunglasses or welder’s helmets when he flips those lights on.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love going out on Thanksgiving nights when Santa takes us on walkabout to see everyone’s lights. It’s a magical night. So much fun!

But some of these houses are so lit that I’m seriously bringing hot dogs to roast that night. The heat from the Christmas lights on some of these houses is amazing. It’ll melt some of this snow.


The Elf Parade. We should talk about that. It’s coming up and it’s a big deal. I heard Elf Crash Murphy talking about it with Elf Frank Myrrh. They will be covering it on the news like they do every year.

Be sure to be here to tune in.

Oh, oh, oh – before I forget. Mrs. Claus is coming to chat TOMORROW. I was going to interview her but she’s going to be in North Pole Chat tomorrow. I’m supposed to help, but I’m not sure yet how that will happen. I guess that means I will be there. I hope YOU can be there too.

Talk to you then!

Elf Trixie

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  1. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Is Santa real? What am I saying of course Santa is real I believe! I love the website. When can I see Santa? I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!


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