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Test Pilots Home for Halloween

Test Pilots Home for Halloween
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Test Pilots Home for Halloween

Test Pilots Home for Halloween Santa’s sleigh’s test pilots are home for Halloween. As announced the other day by North Pole Flight Command Santa asked them to take a day or two off to celebrate Halloween with everyone else at the North Pole.

Fortunately for us, the guys in North Pole Radio News caught up with Test Pilot Jesse Hubbard and we got some new information about Santa’s sleigh this year. You can listen to that radio news report in the player below.

Speaking of radio, did you know you can hear the Santa Tracker channel of Kringle Radio over at SantaTrackers.net?

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to tell you that or not. But sometimes it helps to be an elf and everyone who is over there IS an elf. Elfhood has its privileges. North Pole Radio is one of them.

As you’ll hear from that news radio report we’re experiencing some weather here at the North Pole.

While we don’t normally get snow like this in October it is not unusual to get some heavy snow before or around Halloween. Still, this is a LOT of snow we’re getting. It’s January-like cold and we’re getting March-like snow. Go figure this.

It’s cold enough and the snow is deep enough that I called over to Elf Seymour Snow over in the Weather Center to see what he could tell me. He said he’s expecting this snow to keep up for a while. Days perhaps, he says.

It’s no big deal. We get big snows all winter here at the North Pole. It’s the North Pole. We deal with it. Still, it’s just weird to see it so early.

The reason I bring it up is because we count on at least some fair weather a little bit after Halloween just so we can decorate outside our homes for Christmas.

It’s a big deal to hang lights and as you know we even hold a big contest when Santa does his walkabout after Thanksgiving dinner to declare a winner in the lighting contest. We do it every year. You know this.

Well, I’m a little concerned. How are we supposed to get our ladders out to hang our lights with all this snow.

Of course, one thing I didn’t think about until just now is that maybe we’ll get so much snow we won’t even need ladders.

Well, I suppose 2020 wouldn’t have been any more weird than it already is. Who would have thought the snow would arrive before the reindeer would?

By the way, folks here are starting to talk about the reindeer. Even though Santa said they are fine and not to worry about it some are really getting concerned.

I’m not. I’d tell them the same thing Santa does. I’ve been here for years, nearly as long as any elf, and I would tell you the reindeer have never NOT shown up. They are money in the bank. We can count on them.

So please don’t worry. The snow is a bigger worry than the reindeer, trust me.

Who’s going to shovel all this stuff?

Elf Ernest