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Elves Creating Halloween Costumes This Week

Costume Craziness
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Elves Creating Halloween Costumes This Week

North Pole Radio NewsThe North Pole is busy this week as elves are creating Halloween costumes like crazy.

How can we tell it’s crazy? Because it is so quiet.

Some elves have taken the week off and many are holed up in home workshops creating their Halloween masterpieces.

As you know, if you have followed our news reports from years past or have listened to the most recent episode of the North Pole Podcast, the North Pole celebrates Halloween in a big way and costumes are the very center of it.

In fact, in the first North Pole Radio News report of this season (click on the player to listen to it) Elf Crash describes the effort underway at the Claus home with their costumes.

It is an event Santa and Mrs. Claus take very seriously and it is, at least for the next few days, a matter of great secrecy.

The secrecy is part of the fun. And that is why things are so quiet.

Elves are not out and about right now because they want to keep their costume surprises as secret for a long as they can.

Of course, we all know as well that many elves are challenged in keeping a secret. So in order to avoid sharing what they really don’t want to share they avoid each other.

But that all ends on Saturday when the costumes start to come out. It is a day of big surprises and even bigger laughs. We will, of course, keep you updated on the North Pole Halloween celebration as events unfold.

In other news here at the North Pole we are starting to see more activity from the reindeer barn. Corrals and pens are being cleaned, fences are being fixed and large amounts of hay and reindeer feed are starting to be received at the North Pole.

The only thing that seems to be missing are the reindeer.

In checking in with Elf Victor we should start seeing their return sometime very soon. They are coming back a bit later this year, for some reason.

We have other news likely coming out this week, so stay tuned.

Elf Ernest