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How Santa Met the Reindeer

How Santa Met the Reindeer

How Santa Met the ReindeerHow Santa met the reindeer is never a story I thought would be told in a chat. Santa is just full of surprises.

We held our first chat in the new North Pole Chat Room yesterday and it was kind of….well….chaotic. We definitely learned some things. But more about that in a minute.

I wanted to share what Santa had to say about the reindeer yesterday when we were talking about them. One of our chatters, I can’t remember who, asked Santa how long he has worked with the reindeer. And then another question was asked about how Santa talks with the reindeer.

Santa then told a story of meeting the reindeer many, many years ago outside of his original workshop. The very first reindeer he met was Donner.

Santa said the reindeer don’t actually “talk”. He said he just seemed to know what Donner was thinking.

Santa took Donner some wheat that he had in his barn. It was at that moment that Santa learned he has a wonderful ability — the ability to “hear” in his head what the reindeer were thinking.

Donner said in this way that he could not eat wheat because it upset his tummy. And Donner “asked” Santa if he had oats.

How cool is that?

Through this ability to speak heart-to-heart to the reindeer Santa say he has built a relationship with them.

He calls the reindeer elves — they have a desire to do good things for others, he said. Santa calls them his “partners” in the work they all share.

Now, I have to tell you, I’ve known Santa for many, many years. But he has never shared that story before and I learned it with everyone who was on the chat.

Isn’t that amazing?

So…let’s talk about this chat thing, shall we? First of all, everyone gets excited when it comes to talking with Santa. I get it. I do too.

I tried to ask everyone there to follow some rules before the chat began and the whole thing just became a mess. So…after talking with the chatters and again with Santa later, we decided to try something else.

We have set up a place where you can, in advance, submit your questions to Santa or whoever the chat is with. That way we can get to the stuff people want to talk about faster.

Also remember, these public chats are for the public. We don’t need to have Santa talking about your wishlist or your elf or whatever to the whole world.

The good news is that Santa will start taking appointments for private visits later this week. Those visits are where stuff like that can be talked about.

The public chat needs to be for everyone.

So, we’re going to try this new process. If you have a question for chat, with anyone on the chat calendar, just go to this page.

Also, I think you will need to get used to chat recaps like this one to get posted. There’s too much fun stuff that comes out of a chat!

Elf Ernest


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