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First North Pole Chats Happening This Week

North Pole Chats

Chats at SantaUpdateThe first North Pole Chats will be happening this week. We’re so excited to show you the North Pole Chat Calendar and to open the North Pole Chat Room.

The first chat will be hosted by me, Elf Ernest. The first chat will be all about….North Pole Chat. I’m excited (and maybe a little nervous) to do it! This happens on Tuesday at 4pm EST and will last about 30 minutes — though we could go longer if folks really want to ask questions and, well, chat.

This event is really so you can learn how to use the chatroom and some of the plans we have for it this year.

The chat is free, simple to use and completely anonymous for our site visitors. It will be a good practice session for those wanting to use it and become familiar with it. It’ll be new to me too so we can learn together!

We know as well that the real reason this feature is now being offered on SantaUpdate.com is so that you can connect more often with Santa Claus. Santa is an experienced chatter and loves to do it! So he has agreed to come this week on Thursday for his first chat of this season.

We do expect these chats to become quite popular so the chat will be moderated — by me! — so that we can handle the questions efficiently and get the most we can out of Santa’s time.

We do want to schedule many chat events with Santa this year so please keep your eye on the calendar.

And speaking of the calendar, we have another chat event already lined up for Elf Crash Murphy on Sunday, November 1st. You might want to put that one on your calendar.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to comment below and I’ll do my best to respond quickly.

Elf Ernest



ps – Since announcing our chat features we have been asked about chats with Mrs. Claus, Elf Trixie, Elf Bernard and various other individuals at the North Pole. YES, we are working on it!


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