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Operation Merry Christmas Begins in 7 Weeks

Operation Merry Christmas

Operation Merry ChristmasHi!

Another week down. Just seven weeks now until Operation Merry Christmas begins. I’m so excited!

This week I was given a tour of the candy cane factory here at the North Pole. It was so very interesting. It answered a question I have had for a very long time:

Are candy canes white with red stripes or red with white stripes? It is a question that has bothered me FOREVER. Anyway. I got my answer this week and it was very shocking, at least to me, to learn that it is neither and it is both.

The candymaster told me that the white and the red are made separately and then kind of twisted together as the candy is rolled out in thin, long strips. It was so cool to watch!

Those elves in the candy cane factory have HUGE arms. The candy is cooked in these large kettles, then poured over these really long tables. The candy has to be rolled and rolled and rolled. That is done by hand and because those elves do that all day as they work at the candy factory they look crazy big with those muscled arms and shoulders. I am told nobody beats the candy cane elves at arm wrestling at the North Pole summer picnic.


No new reindeer this week have arrived at the North Pole. I look every week. I love to go visit the reindeer that are here. They rotate those reindeer working on the test flights of Santa’s sleigh. As I understand it, the reindeer get one week off then work the next — every other week. That way they don’t get too tired. So there are always some reindeer here to go see.

I wish they would let me feed them.

But the reindeer only get food at certain times of the day and they are on a very healthy diet that I guess the reindeer elves have to really monitor. So all I can do is visit the reindeer and talk to them a little bit. I wonder if they understand me. I think they do! The reindeer have huge brown eyes that are so pretty. They look at me so very sweet and kind. I just love them.

I got a note in my mail asking if I had seen the real Rudolph. The answer is no, not yet. But I can’t wait to meet him. And I want to meet Blitzen. I think he’s my favorite.

I am very excited for this weekend. I get to finally get a tour of Santa’s workshop. Mrs. Claus is taking me there. She can go anywhere she wants and when I told her about wanting to go there she said, “Don’t you let those workshop elves tease you! I’ll get you there.” So Mrs. Claus and I are going to the workshop and she is giving me a tour. I can’t wait. I get to ask her questions this weekend in Santa’s workshop. How cool is that?

What should I ask her? Click here to turn in a question. I will ask her all the questions that we receive.

Ok, so I’ll talk to you after the big tour. Bye.

Elf Trixie



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  1. Elf Maurice
    Elf Maurice says:

    Yay I hope you have a great time at Santa’s workshop please share with us your experience wow I thought elves were nice those workshop elves are mean shame on them they owe you an apology but hay at least they make our toys so thanks guys.

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