Operation Merry Christmas Begins in 8 Weeks

Operation Merry Christmas Begins in 8 Weeks 1

Operation Merry ChristmasOperation Merry Christmas begins in just 8 weeks!

Those ding dongs in the workshop still won’t let me in. You have to have a password, and know a secret handshake — both of which I learned, by the way — now they are telling me I have to recite the Elf Oath in FRENCH — before they let me in. I can’t believe they make the workshop elves do this before going to work everyday.

I just want in to see how things a going. Is that too much for a reporter to ask??? Grrrrrr….. 


I don’t even know French. How dare they?


I talked to Santa about this baby reindeer thing. You know you can help name the baby reindeer, right? Well, I was doing that the other day, giving Santa all my best reindeer names, starting with Trixie because everyone wants a reindeer to have their name, you know, and I also suggested Sparkle, and Tinky, and Wilma, and a bunch of others. Anyway. All this reindeer thinking got me thinking.

I saw Santa talking to one of the sleigh boys out by the barn the other day, so I just asked him — where are all the reindeer? Why aren’t they here yet? And will they be bringing the baby reindeer with them?

Santa says the reindeer are fine and will be here when they need to be here, which I guess is just not now. Anyway. Santa said some of the baby reindeer will be coming when the reindeer do come to the North Pole.

So I’m really excited now for them to get here. I want to see Reindeer Trixie!!!

Santa told me he has done this for years, by the way. He said there is no way he can come up with all the new names on his own. In fact, he told me that some years he does not have enough names even though all of you suggest so many of them. So suggest MORE.

You know what my favorite part of Operation Merry Christmas is? It’s watching the reindeer get ready. They hold the Reindeer Games. That’s a big deal. But I like just watching them work out and go on practice runs and stuff.

It is my goal to one day fly in a sleigh. Some elves have done it but most have not. I haven’t. I can’t wait to do it — JUST ONCE.

Anyway. It’s snowy now at the North Pole. Cold every day now.

Between you and me,  I’m kinda sick of it already. I know an elf isn’t suppose to say that.


Elf Trixie