How Mrs. Claus Helps

Mrs. Claus Helps

In my meeting with Mrs. Claus this week we discussed a whole bunch of things, including how Mrs. Claus helps Santa. You all certainly have some interesting questions! I think this little conversation will answer some of them. I find Mrs. Claus always so surprising:

Elf Trixie: Mrs. Claus, the response to your advice about cookies was crazy. We now have more questions than we can possibly answer!

Mrs. Claus: For me? Oh, go on.

Elf Trixie: No, it’s true. Thousands of questions. People really want to know more about you.

Mrs. Claus: Ok, I will try to do my best to answer them. What is the big question this week?

Elf Trixie: Well, most want to know what you do most of the time. They want to understand your role here at the North Pole.

Mrs. Claus: I take care of my family. That is the most important thing, I think, for just about any woman. Some people think that means a lot of cooking and cleaning and stuff like that. But it is really more important than that. My family is my business. They are the world to me. I work everyday to make sure they are happy and safe and taken care of. Like a garden!

Elf Trixie: I like that! Some kids write in to ask why you don’t visit at Christmas with Santa. Have you ever done that?

Mrs. Claus: Oh yes, anyone who has tracked Santa with us knows that this has happened a few times. They know as well that on a good year when Santa is making good time I will meet him in Hawaii and ride back home with him from there. I enjoy that little tradition.

Elf Trixie: So you’ve been down a chimney and put stuff in stockings?

Mrs. Claus: Yes, going down chimneys is something better suited for Santa than for me. I don’t like it.

Elf Trixie: Wow, Mrs. Claus. I had no idea you could do what Santa does.

Mrs. Claus: Santa has a lot of skills I don’t have. But he has been generous with me in teaching me things that most wives and ladies never really get to learn, like flying a sleigh and talking to reindeer.

Elf Trixie: You’re a sleigh pilot?

Mrs. Claus: Yes. Certified. I have to be. We don’t have cars at the North Pole. A sleigh is the only way to get around and if you want to go far in a quick way, those reindeer have to fly sometimes.

Elf Trixie: It kinda sounds like you do a lot of elf-stuff, Mrs. Claus.

Mrs. Claus: I do! It’s not my main job but I like to put on my elf hat now and then.

Elf Trixie: Do you ever help Santa plan Christmas for the world?

Mrs. Claus: He listens to me. Over the years I have been able to share my ideas. I have a little influence with Santa.

Elf Trixie: Do you ever help Santa answer his mail?

Mrs. Claus: Yes, I do a lot of that. Sometimes Santa needs a little help with knowing just what to say. He sometimes forgets that he is working with very small children. So I try to help him.

Elf Trixie: So questions like these are not new to you then?

Mrs. Claus: Oh goodness no.

Elf Trixie: Then maybe you could help me answer this question, which for some reason a lot of people are asking right now. I think it comes from the activity on the Santa tracking websites recently. It’s about bedtime warnings.

Mrs. Claus: Oh, yes. That was one of my ideas, many years ago I came up with that.

Elf Trixie: Well…Emily in California especially wants to know this: What is it exactly?

Mrs. Claus: It’s just a little heads up to people on Christmas Eve that Santa is very close to coming and that it is advisable that they soon go to sleep. It’s a very simple thing.

Elf Trixie: Why is it important?

Mrs. Claus: What happened once was Santa walked right into a Christmas Eve party going on full blast. He was a little embarrassed and the family there was a little surprised to see Santa walk in while they were in their pajamas. It all turned out okay but I just told Santa it was his fault because they had no way of knowing he was close. They were getting ready for bed but Santa just got there too soon.

Elf Trixie: What’s the big deal? It was Christmas Eve! I would imagine they would want to see Santa.

Mrs. Claus: Dear, please try to understand. On Christmas Eve, Santa is SO busy. He does not have time to visit. I don’t mean to be rude and Santa does not mean to be rude, but getting to everyone in the entire world is kind of a big job and Santa does not have time to socialize.

Elf Trixie: So your solution was a bedtime warning to people?

Mrs. Claus: Yes, Santa has one big button on the dashboard of his sleigh. That’s MY button. He presses it and the bedtime warning goes out to those next on his list to visit. It is very efficient if I say so myself.

Elf Trixie: Wow, Mrs. Claus. I had no idea you were so involved in the details.

Mrs. Claus: Hahaha. I’m only involved when I see something and talk about it. I like what Santa does but I love what I do better. I take care of my family and help Santa where I can.

Elf Trixie

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  1. Maurice
    Maurice says:

    Wow Mrs.C you’re more important than I thought have you ever filled my stocking or was that Santa because one year I got a letter from Santa on Christmas morning and it said at the end love Santa.

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