Mrs. Claus Talks Cookies for Santa

Cookies for Santa is our first conversation with Mrs. Claus for Santa Update. This is the first in what we hope will be an ongoing feature here on Santa Update. I did try to convince Mrs. Claus to record our conversation but she is not quite comfortable with that just yet. For now, she wants us to do it this way:

Elf Trixie: Mrs. Claus, thank you for doing this! I think everyone is quite excited by what you will have to say.

Mrs. Claus: Don’t be silly, dear. This is Santa Update, not Mrs. Claus Update.

Elf Trixie: But you’re such a big part of Santa! You wouldn’t believe how many questions have been sent in since we announced you would doing this. There are so many out there who want to know more about you and what you have to say about so many things.

Mrs. Claus: Oh, that’s just silly. By the way, I love your hair up like that, you should wear it that way more often.

Elf Trixie: Really? I just threw it up today. I didn’t want to mess with it.

Mrs. Claus: It’s a good look for you. Very fresh.

Elf Trixie: Thank you!

Mrs. Claus: You’re welcome, dear. Now, what’s the big question for me today.

Elf Trixie: Well, I had thousands of questions to choose from. But I thought Ashlee’s question was likely the most common and one that would be a good one to start with. It’s about cookies. Ashlee wants to know that kind of cookie to make for Santa?

Mrs. Claus: Oh. That’s a good question to ask. Good choice, dear. And thank Ashlee for asking it. What a good girl.

Elf Trixie: I’ll have Elf Ernest give her a shoutout for sure. But honestly, this was a question so many asked.

Mrs. Claus: That makes me feel better. I want to answer as many popular questions as I can. So this is very good. I really like that this is about Santa and not about me.

Elf Trixie: Yes, Mrs. Claus. We want to do this your way.

Mrs. Claus: There are some things you need to know about cookies and Santa.

Elf Trixie: There are?

Mrs. Claus: Well, yes. They are a big part of his Christmas. He loves this part of his job. He considers cookies a gift. He especially loves homemade cookies.

Elf Trixie: I thought Santa might get sick of eating cookies all night.

Mrs. Claus: Oh, heavens no.

Elf Trixie: But…that’s millions of cookies! How can he not get sick?

Mrs. Claus: Well those are magic cookies, dear.

Elf Trixie: Magic cookies?

Mrs. Claus: Yes, magic cookies. Santa does not get sick or even full from magic cookies.

Elf Trixie: But, Mrs. Claus. How can the regular cookies made by regular folks be magic cookies? I don’t understand.

Mrs. Claus: That’s because you’re still a young elf, dear. So listen to me and I will explain. Cookies are mostly flour, sugar, water and maybe spices like ginger or cinnamon. But cookies for Santa are different. They are for Santa. They are usually the best cookies anyone can make. People take their time with these cookies. They put in their best efforts to make them taste good. They make them look pretty on a plate for Santa. Some even leave little notes for Santa when they leave out their cookies. They even leave out a little something for the reindeer. Do you know what Santa calls that?

Elf Trixie: No, what?

Mrs. Claus: Love. That is the most important ingredient. That is what makes Christmas cookies so delicious for Santa.

Elf Trixie: My goodness. I never thought of it.

Mrs. Claus: Haven’t you ever made cookies for Santa, dear?

Elf Trixie: Why yes, of course, I have! And you’re exactly right! I try to give Santa the very best cookies I can…because he’s Santa!

Mrs. Claus: That’s right, dear.

Elf Trixie: Wow. This blows my mind. So it really does not matter what kind of stuff is in the cookie, does it?

Mrs. Claus: No. He enjoys them all. Occasionally Santa will come across a new cookie that gets his attention. And he will bring them home to me and ask, what’s in this?…besides love? [chuckles]. Santa really is a cookie nut. He eats them all the time. He always says that to love cookies you have to taste the love in them.

Elf Trixie: What kind of cookies do you make for Santa?

Mrs. Claus: Santa like a lot of variety. Right now, he’s very into pumpkin cookies. With chocolate chips. Sometimes I put walnuts or almonds in them to surprise him. But I like to change it up. He likes so many. Gingerbread, chocolate chip, sugar cookies, snicker doodles, you name it. Santa has never met a cookie he didn’t like.

Elf Trixie: Would you share a recipe with us?

Mrs. Claus: I’ll think about it, yes. We need to be careful about that, dear. If we post a recipe then that’s what everyone would make for Santa. And that would be kind of boring, don’t you think?

Elf Trixie: I hadn’t thought of that. Maybe we should give them several recipes.

Mrs. Claus: That’s a better idea, dear.

Elf Trixie: Mrs. Claus, thank you! I think this went well.

Mrs. Claus: Thank you, dear. I enjoyed it too.

If you would like to submit a question for Mrs. Claus please click here. We will be posting question-and-answers from Mrs. Claus as frequently as we can. 

Elf Trixie

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