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100 Days Until Santa Launches

100 Days Until Santa Launches 1

100 days until Santa launches! The countdown clock here in North Pole Flight Command tells the story in big bold letters and everyone here is working now with greater urgency.

Greetings, friends! Elf Max here, at your service.

It is tracker elf recruiting season here at SantaTrackers.net. Santa gave us the goal of reaching a total of 40 million new tracker elves this year. A lot of work right now is going on to make that happen.

We have had some comment that the goal might be too ambitious this year. Let me explain to you why it is not.

First of all, the world has nearly 8 billion people. So the number of 40 million, in comparison, is actually just a fraction. It takes a lot of elves, spread all over the world, to help track Santa for Santa. 40 million barely covers much of the map. I can see that in a few years time Santa is going to need 50, 100 or even 200 million elves to really get the job done.

There just cannot be enough eyes on the skies at Christmas to help Santa. Even on a single street it would be good to have at least a dozen people reporting to the North Pole on local conditions for when Santa flies.

That’s what we do as tracker elves. It is not just for us. It’s for Santa.

And it is for others, too.

Imagine it: if Santa were to crash the sleigh by running into a building or a tree or a phone pole or something that he didn’t know about — what would that mean for everyone else yet to be delivered to?

Tracker elves look out for Santa – and for other fans of Santa Claus – so that Santa can stay on schedule and arrive at each destination safely.

That is the ultimate goal. A Merry Christmas for everyone!

That is part of the reason we have a countdown. The next 100 days are going to be exciting. We hope you are along here for the ride.

If you are not yet an elf, please consider becoming an elf. You’ll need to take the Elf Oath. Then learn the Elf Code. And then sign up at SantaTrackers.net. Once you get all that done, we’ll get you trained so you can help track Santa for Santa.

Here’s to the next 100 days!

Elf Max

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