New Elves Expected by the Millions

New Elves

Breaking NewsThe North Pole is expecting a flood of new elves in the weeks ahead as the Christmas season quickly approaches. Santa set a goal of 40 million total Santa Trackers needed this year in support of his annual flight. That means roughly 15 million new elves will need to be hired.

In anticipation, ElfHQ.com has been upgraded to streamline the hiring process and get elves trained as quickly as possible. The site now is managed by the Department of Elf Resources here at the North Pole. It has an unusual arrangement with the teams managing both the North Pole Post Office and SantaTrackers.net, the online portal exclusively for Santa’s elves who work remotely.

“We have to work with all the traditional visitors we have continually received at Elf HQ,” said head of Elf Resources, Elf Sandy Claus. “Elf HQ was founded way back in 2006 and it has helped millions of people in the past to both become elves and to write to Santa and others at the North Pole. We hope to continue to uphold that tradition while making the process of becoming an elf easier.”

In other news, the North Pole Flight Command Center announced the first new radio partner to join the Santa tracking effort on Christmas Eve — Merry Christmas Radio. North Pole Flight Command continues to take applications from websites, radio stations and social media tracking groups who want North Pole maps, news and radio news streams as part of their own Santa tracking coverage.

In other news, there appear to be some personnel announcements to be made soon. I hear rumors there was a retirement party held for an elf in the Weather Department just this week. We’ll have that announcement in the next few days or so.

Also, our thanks for all those who have asked for Shoutouts from the North Pole. It’s been a fun week with this new feature! Keep it tuned here, folks. The news is breaking fast this year!

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