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North Pole Post Office Opens on Santa Update

North Pole Post Office Opens

North Pole Post Office UpdateThe North Pole Post Office on Santa Update is now open! We are very excited to announce the following new features never before available on Santa Update:

Shoutouts – This new feature is a quick communication for our site users who send in brief questions. It also gives us a forum to acknowledge school teachers and their classes, home school groups, Santa tracking groups and others who are looking for acknowledgement from the North Pole. Click here to submit a shoutout request and click here to see the latest shoutouts from the North Pole.

Ask Mrs. Claus – Mrs. Claus gets a lot of questions. At long last, we have a process for handling those questions and getting them answered. Mrs. Claus will be meeting with a staff from the Public Relations Department about once a week or so to answer as many incoming questions as she can. Our team in the News Department will share new features with Mrs. Claus’ answers as time allows.

Make a Wishlist – This new feature actually came at Santa’s request. If someone knows what they want for Christmas Santa is really wanting a list of the top five things wished for in the order of their importance. Santa feels this will help organized things better. It has taken months of project planning and coordination between departments to develop this feature and everyone is very excited to try it out.

Several other longstanding features here at SantaUpdate.com that utilize the capabilities of the North Pole Post Office have been streamlined and improved. Things like Naming Santa’s Sleigh and the Ask-an-Elf features will still show on other Official North Pole websites but will be better coordinated through the Post Office to get to the proper people and departments.

There are further post office driven features that will be coming your way as this season progresses.

Our hats are off to Elf Hugo and his team at the North Pole Post Office and well as the North Pole Department of Web Development for their quick work in bringing these features to Santa Update. They will be working in coming days to tweak the North Pole Post Office functions on all other Official North Pole websites.

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North Pole Post Office


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  1. Maddison L
    Maddison L says:

    Thanks to all the people at the north pole who worked on these new features! I’m so excited to try them so thanks soooo much!! Anyways have a great day and please make more updates I love the updates!

  2. Maddison
    Maddison says:

    Elf tech- it’s different for us all due to time zones also I sometimes stay up late on Christmas until 12:00am and he hasn’t come yet. I’m pretty sure he comes when we are all sleeping 🙂

  3. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    Elf tech –

    As a tracker for 3 years read what elf Ernest said and try not to be someone that knows all ! Santa comes at different times it might be 12am here but only 9pm there. So when Europe is getting delivered to where I live is not because it’s different time zones

  4. Emma
    Emma says:

    Elf Tech what time do we have to be in bed can someone tell me because they haven’t sent that out yet

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