User Activity Triples Overnight

User Activity High

Santa UpdateWe have seen an unusual spike in user activity on our websites in the past couple of days. Engineers at North Pole Flight Command and in the North Pole News Department are trying to understand it.

“We quietly published a new episode of the North Pole Podcast,” said Elf Frank Myrrh, of North Pole Radio News. “It was a very informative discussion about Santa tracking. Maybe that drew some early season interest.”

While the new North Pole Podcast episode has been doing very well, as it usually does within the first 24 hours of release, it fails to explain all that is going on.

“There is great interest in the new website for North Pole Flight Command,” said Elf Winslow, special projects manager at the North Pole. “The new website has been very well received since it was introduced a few days ago.”

We also announced some changes for the North Pole Post Office but few of those changes have yet to be actually put on our site. Plenty of mail keeps pouring in through the old links, much of it coming from families homeschooling their children.

I received a note from one Mom asking if we could generate some ideas for creative writing. Others asked if Santa could help provide some fresh math questions. We even have had hundreds of requests to answer specific questions about Santa, elves and the North Pole for their home school classes. Remember, requests can be made through this link for teachers.

But the most unusual tracker activity at all is a sudden spike in new tracker elf applications.

“We are watching it closely,” said Elf Roger Star, International Director of Santa Trackers. “We aren’t sure yet if these are legitimate numbers. Over the weekend, and in particular over the past 12 hours, we have seen numbers that we normally see the week before Christmas. It’s very unusual.”

Elf Roger Star was also a big part of the most recent podcast episode, which is available here on our website and also at NorthPolePodcast.com. The podcast recently started to be featured at ChristmasPodcasts.com as well.

“We think something went viral somewhere that we haven’t discovered yet,” Elf Roger said. “We’re looking at all of our social media channels now to see if there is a connection.”

Well, whatever it is, we welcome all the activity and excitement for Christmas. We will continue to keep you informed.

Elf Ernest

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