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North Pole Flight Command Launches a New Site

North Pole Flight Command

North Pole Flight CommandNorth Pole Flight Command has now opened a brand new website. The new site is located at NorthPoleFlightCommand.com.

North Pole Flight Command is one of the largest departments here at the North Pole. Simply put, it is their job to help Santa get around the world at Christmas.

To accomplish that job this big department coordinates a million different details that most people do not even know about. Santa’s sleigh is just the start of the vast number of sleighs Flight Command has to keep track of.

As Santa flies he is supported by a fleet of thousands of sleighs that provide different services: some are freighter sleigh, shuttling gifts and supplies from the North Pole to Santa’s sleigh.

Others are weather sleighs or scout sleighs, that serve to give flight information ahead of Santa’s arrival to Flight Command. Some are repair teams of sleighs that follow along Santa’s track to fix trees or fences or rooftops that might not have been ready for nearby sleigh activity.

The number of sleighs in the skies over Christmas is just huge. And most people never realize that. The North Pole Flight Command Center coordinates it all.

Why North Pole Flight Command Has a Website

Their website serves the same purpose this one does: to give you, the fans of Santa Claus, all the information you want.

Since North Pole Flight Command is all about flight, the information they provide centers on news about Santa’s sleigh, his reindeer and all of it in flight. The site is full of information and provides everything online that Flight Command has here at the North Pole: the tracking maps of Santa that we use comes from Flight Command. The news of reindeer, sleighs and tracker elves comes from Flight Command.

At the new site you can learn about Santa’s suit, his sleigh and even secrets of Santa’s reindeer.

The site also works with outside websites, social media channels and radio stations so they can have reliable Santa tracking information for their site users. Like all Official North Pole websites this new site has no ads and sells no products.

Right now, live on the site, you can follow the progress of the test flights of Santa’s sleigh: the only place online in the entire world where you can find this information.

On Christmas Eve, as Santa sends out bedtime advisories, the North Pole Flight Command website will share that information.

We hope this new site proves to be of good service to you, now and especially on Christmas when Santa takes flight.

Elf Ernest

4 replies
  1. Maddison L
    Maddison L says:

    I have a question if someone found out Santa’s ways of getting around delivering gifts and how he does it would he stop doing it? I’m asking because of the science of quantum physics anyways thanks in advance
    – Maddison

  2. Elf Ernest
    Elf Ernest says:

    There are no real mystical metaphysics around the question or even really a theory of what is more appropriately known as The Claus Doctrine. The laws of nature apply to Santa as they do anyone else. But understanding those laws and bending to their collective will to harness their full capabilities is Santa’s real strength. As a scientist, the Merry One, as he is sometimes called, awakens the strength more fully residing within corporeal bounds, resulting superior execution within the limited yet fantastical human form. The same applies to the reindeer, clearly a more powerful species than previously known. The Claus community, of course, must keep this knowledge highly confidential, lest its power be unleashed on the world for nefarious purposes by less moral forces.

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