Changes Coming for the North Pole Post Office Online

North Pole Post Office

Changes are coming for the North Pole Post Office online. In a meeting held today chaired by Elf Winslow it was announced that Santa requested that Christmas fans should be able to contact him through any of the Official North Pole websites.

As a result of these discussions, improvements to all websites will be implemented as soon as possible. The first website to see changes will be this one.

“We have discussed many exciting new features for contacting the North Pole,” said Elf Hugo, postmaster at the North Pole Post Office. “We have requests to provide more contact with different departments and individuals at the North Pole. We receive a lot of requests to contact Mrs. Claus, for example. We’re going to offer that now.”

Santa also requested an exciting new feature called Wish Lists. This is different than a standard message to Santa. In this new feature a user can list their top five Christmas wishes — and then change them at any time, right up to Christmas Eve.

“I want this to be a simple thing,” Santa said. “Just tell me five things in a simple list. That wish list will come to me and then automatically it will be shared with the Workshop, with the Wrapping Department and with the Tagging Department. This information, coming from millions of believers out there, will help us to become better organized and actually faster at everything we do. I’m going to love it and I think the children will love this too.”

You will begin to see these new postal features pop-up on every official North Pole website in the next few weeks.

I asked Elf Hugo if he was concerned if this meant more mail for the Post Office. He said no — that the way it is being rolled out and improved it will actually help to make the mail move faster. He’s quite excited.

So, keep checking in here over the days and weeks ahead. You will soon have more ways to contact Santa, his elves and the North Pole.

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