Busy Times at the North Pole

North Pole Bursting with Activity

Santa UpdateGreetings! Boy, busy times are upon us!

Don’t be alarmed…I just wanted to give you a heads up that you can expect a lot of announcements during the month of September. There are many things going on that I am sure you will be interested to know.

We will soon have changes to announce about the North Pole Post Office. We’ll have some news as well about the website for North Pole Flight Command. We also have a lot of breaking reindeer news to tell you about too.

There are also lots of elves these days in the studios of North Pole Radio News — they are recording new podcasts. If you have questions, now might be a good time to submit them to Elf Crash.

There are so many things going on!

So please check in often. I’m certain you will love all you see and it will add to your enjoyment this season.

Elf Ernest

3 replies
  1. Maddie
    Maddie says:

    Hey I’m Maddie I have a question I’m asking here because the elf’s answer fairly quick 😊

    If I text 888 814 Xmas will y’all get my message? I’m just curious because I texted it and Santa’s office number

    Also why does norad tracker say Santa is at a different place then what y’all say because last year I tracked him from both places and it was different either way I trust yall way more thanks

  2. Elf Ernest
    Elf Ernest says:

    Norad Tracker belongs to the US Military and is not an Official North Pole website. Santa runs this site and the ones associated with it. There will be a number you can text that will be available after Thanksgiving. We publish it every year through JingleKringle.com.

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