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Santa Launches in 150 Days

150 Days Until Santa Launches

North Pole Flight CommandWe have reached an important milestone today: it is now just 150 days until Santa launches.

While the rest of the North Pole wraps up Christmas-in-July today I am at the North Pole Flight Command Center preparing for a bunch of meetings that have suddenly been called for tomorrow. We have several crews working tomorrow to rush construction of four new test sleighs featuring the latest design. Santa ordered the return of several teams of experience test flight reindeer.

And today I got a phone call from Elf Shorty, the test pilot who flew the final test flight last year. He told me that he was coming with 8 other senior level test pilots and they are reporting tomorrow.

All of this is very unusual at 150 days left in the countdown.

I don’t know why Santa is rushing preparation for this year, but he is.

I have not talked to him myself but I have talked to several other elves who have talked to him. Santa is evidently pushing the idea that this year’s sleigh could be the most tested sleigh in the history of sleigh aviation.

I don’t know. I’m just a countdown elf. I can tell you that we’re 150 days until launch.

But I don’t know why all this busy stuff is now happening.

Elf Max

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    Happy birthday October 30. Susanraye. Sandersage45. Santa call me Santa you call me on my birthday remembered this year for Christmas is a Texas flag for Christmas love you Santa home Jack love you too I wish you’ll be his grandpa

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