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North Pole Chats Online

Christmas in JulyWe are very excited to announce that we will be participating in some online chats this weekend as part of the Christmas in July celebrations at MyMerryChristmas.com.

What I mean by “we” is Santa and myself.

Santa will be chatting at 6pm EST on Saturday, July 18th (that’s today!). He did this last month at MyMerryChristmas for Leon Day and had a lot of fun. He is hoping to accomodate as many people as he can and is willing to stay online beyond the one hour that is scheduled.

On Sunday, July 19th, it will be my turn to host a chat. This is very unusual. I don’t mind telling you that I am a little nervous. My chat time is scheduled for Noon EST on Sunday.

Click here to go to the chat area set up for these events.

Please note that you will have to register at MyMerryChristmas to participate in the chats. We strongly encourage the involvement of a parent or another adult during these events.

Due to the number of people we anticipate, please prepare your questions in advance.

In other news at the North Pole today it has been an active time in the studios of North Pole Radio News. Today was a big day for the North Pole Radio News team because the elves in that department received their 2020 radio assignments. That means they found out where they will be reporting from on Christmas Eve for Kringle Radio.

I also heard the studios were full today so that more podcasts could be recorded. The North Pole Podcasts are quite popular so it is nice to see some new ones are coming out.

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North Pole Radio News

Christmas in July

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