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Santa Kicks off Santa Tracking Efforts

Santa Kicks off Santa Tracking Efforts 1

Elf UpdateSanta tracking is a world-wide tradition. It is huge at the North Pole, too.

Even those who do not work at the Tracking Department get big into Santa tracking. But more importantly, Santa depends on trackers around the world the most.

Even in your neighborhood. Or should I say, especially in your own neighborhood.

Many of you know about this. Many of you are already experienced tracker elves who track Santa for Santa. In fact, based on last year’s participation there are on record more than 25 million of you out there.

How do we know that? Because that is how many registered at SantaTrackers.net last year.

Santa sent out an announcement — no press conference this time — that he needs 40 million trackers elves for Christmas 2020.

That news shocked the North Pole today.

But most feel better after hear Elf Roger Star’s interview on Kringle Radio. You can hear that below. He is pretty confident we can meet that goal.

In other news at the North Pole we are planning on a summer volleyball tournament this weekend. Santa is a little worried that we won’t have a very good turn out. He thinks many elves are working hard at their Toyvember projects to participate in something like volleyball. We’ll see.

The Toyvember thing can go on for weeks — even after the celebration of Christmas in July. So Santa just might pause Toyvember for some of the great events we have planned for Christmas in July.

Elf Seymour Snow from the Weather Department told us this week that there is a chance of snow next week. That could change plans for the Annual Snowball-fight-in-July party. And it could mean Santa might allow for some sleigh races.

Oh — just so you know, we don’t use reindeer for elf sleigh races. We use elves. Most giggle their way through this event because they all try to put on fake antler, pretending to be reindeer. But if there is real snow to drag a sleigh on you can bet money there will be stiff competition in that game.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Elf Ernest



North Pole Radio News

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  1. Kathy Arinella
    Kathy Arinella says:

    Hi santa and all the elfs, i love reading your posts everyday. and reading about santa and all the fun things that you do at the northpole. I love reading about the santa trackers to can not waite for santa to come on christmas eve..

  2. Snowflake
    Snowflake says:

    I know we will be able to do this, by Halloween, but I’m having some serious trouble finding elves in the UK to train, since the virus has hit us pretty hard and they are all too worried. Can someone please send me some advice.
    Thank you

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