Virus Update from the North Pole

Virus Concerns at the North Pole

Virus Update from the North Pole 1The virus that plagues the world right now is a concern at the North Pole. We have been receiving letters and comments about it for months and Santa thinks it is time that I address the issue with you right away.

I was hoping to talk about Christmas in July fun at the North Pole instead. But Santa thinks this is too important. So while this update is not fun, I hope it helps you understand that things are going well here and that Santa thinks Christmas is going to be okay this year.

First off, there is no virus at the North Pole. We don’t have it.

We think that the North Pole closed down in time in March that we were able to prevent the virus from coming here.

We are very lucky. Santa was tested when he came home from his walkabout and other elves who had been traveling tested too. Like many people around the world we quarantined for several weeks after Santa came home.

But nobody here has ever tested positive. Word from the North Pole Medical Center is that they have seen no one with any virus symptom and there have been zero positive tests.

Of course, with other parts of the world facing lots of issues with the virus all travel from the North Pole was canceled. Santa and Mrs. Claus have stayed home. Nobody else has traveled from the North Pole since February.

Now the more persistent question: how will Santa handle it if the virus is still around at Christmas-time?

I know many of you are really, really concerned about that.

Please understand that Santa is aware how serious this virus is. He and the elves at North Pole Flight Command are working on solutions.

I asked him for details. He told me he could not talk about it yet.

But he said something I had not thought about: “If it is healthy for a believer to be in their own home it is safe for Santa to be there. I’m not worried. We will be careful. And Christmas will happen this year”.

Now, exactly how Santa is going to pull that off, I don’t know.

I know a lot of things are being discussed. Things like auto-sanitizing the sleigh and Santa wearing all manner of new equipment like masks and such.

But nothing has been decided.

As we have seen over the past four months this situation with the virus changes a lot. So it can change between now and Christmas.

We will do our level best to let you know what Santa will do and what you can do to ensure things are safe for a good delivery this year.

Now, I have more important message from Santa:

He wants you to have fun.

Be careful. Listen to your parents and teachers and other important people so that you stay safe.

But have fun. Don’t stay inside watching TV all the time. Santa wants you to play. He wants you to pretend, get dirty, make messes and do what you have to do to laugh and enjoy each other.

Rain comes and goes away. So do viruses.

That does not mean we stop living. We do what we have to do to take care of ourselves. But we cannot forget to have fun.

Santa is worried about you being worried.

He is worried about you being scared. He is worried about you being sad.

He says you do not have to be like that even though life is a little different right now.

He wants you to be happy. He wants you to be hopeful.

And if you are going to send letters to Santa right now — and he loves them, by the way — he wants to know what you are doing to have fun and to be happy.

He wants me to remind you that it is my job to make sure you guys get the news from the North Pole.

He told me, “Ernest, make sure you tell them we are okay and that things are going to be okay for this Christmas!”

So that’s what I’m doing.

We’re good. Everything is going to be great.

Below is a radio update from Kringle Radio today talking about the Post Office here at the North Pole. They are really, really busy!

I hope you enjoy what the radio guys are putting together for you for Christmas in July. And tomorrow I hope to share with you happier news about how we are celebrating Christmas in July.

Elf Ernest



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