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6 Months Until Christmas

Six Months Until Christmas

Leon Day at the North PoleGreetings and Happy Leon Day! It is now officially six months until Christmas.

Well, ok. I know. Really, that’s tomorrow. But honestly, the day before Christmas is Christmas to us so the day before Leon Day is Leon Day to us. That’s just how the North Pole rolls.

Now, before I forget — TOMORROW, Santa is going to be hosting a chat at MyMerryChristmas.com. This is a great activity for Leon Day and if it goes well Santa will do it again — maybe even a couple of times — for Christmas in July.

Santa is a little concerned that the chat will become overloaded. We’ll just have to see about that. We have elves here at the North Pole and some good people at MyMerryChristmas working on that. You just need to expect that the first part of the chat will actually be an interview between Santa and someone from MyMerryChristmas…and then they will open the chat up for questions and answers with those presence. We hope you will be patient. I am sure there will be many who want to talk to Santa.

We will be watching here from the North Pole but we have already been given instructions that we cannot participate in the chat. We understand this. We have access to Santa more often than most people and we know how important it is for others to get a chance, especially this year.

That being said you might want to put on your calendar two dates for North Pole chat events. On Saturday, July 18th, Santa will chat during Christmas in July. And then, the next day, I will be hosting a chat as well. That’s scheduled for July 19th at 12:00pm EST.

We are glad to be doing these chats and we hope you enjoy them. But I need to tell you something: these events are really a test. As you know, Santa likes to travel the world in the weeks before Christmas and none of us here are sure if he will be able to do that this year. So we are working on different ways for believers of Santa to connecting with him before Christmas 2020.

We are discussing a lot of different things. These chat events are just one way we’re looking at it. We are also looking at video chats and phone calls.

There’s nothing official yet on all this but please be aware we are working on it. This is a very different year and, yes, we are all going through something different. Everyone is making adjustments, even Santa Claus. We are sure it’s going to be a great Christmas, even if some things need to be done differently.

Now, back to Leon Day. We’re celebrating Leon Day today and tomorrow at the North Pole. If you recall from this podcast it is a holiday like no other at the North Pole and like no other around the world.

We take a lot of holidays and kind of mash them together for Leon Day. As you know, Leon is Noel spelled backwards. So “backwards” is the theme of these two days at the North Pole.

We began today with what is called an egg roll. No, that’s not a Chinese food I’m talking about — although we do love Chinese egg rolls at the North Pole — its a game, kind of like an Easter egg roll. Colored eggs are put on the ground and we have to blow them from a starting line to a finish line, with lots of elves side by side competing against each other to win. You’ve seen this kind of thing before, right?

Well, a Leon Day egg roll is just a little different — it’s backwards. Instead of an elf getting on all fours to roll the egg by blowing on it it takes TWO elves for Leon Day egg rolling. One elf is on the ground, on his hands. Another elf gets behind him — or her — and picks up his legs. So the elf on the ground is only using his hands. But the elf behind cannot see what the egg blower is doing because he HAS to hold the elf’s legs up by turning around the other way. That elf cannot see where he is going because he’s backwards.

A regular Easter egg roll can move pretty fast. But not a Leon Day backwards egg roll. It’s slow and it gets crazy funny.

We do other crazy things too. But I think the favorite elf thing of the day to do comes late in the afternoon when everyone digs out their Halloween costumes from their closets and puts them on — BACKWARDS. Then, they go door to door like they are trick or treating…but they are walking BACKWARDS. They knock on the door or ring the doorbell and shout “Treat or Trick!” and the people who answer the door always say “TRICK!” and put some kind of vegetable in their treat bags.

Literally EVERYTHING is backwards on Leon Day here at the North Pole. We even talk backwards. It is insanely fun and we seem to spend the whole day giggling.

Well, anyway. It has been a good year so far at the North Pole. I’m pleased to tell you that we are way, way ahead of schedule. Santa is giving us BOTH days off for Leon Day this year. I’m pretty sure he will be giving us some time off for Christmas in July too.

It’s going to be a busy month here at the North Pole. Expect lots of news and announcements!

Elf Ernest

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  1. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    Elf Ernest and everyone at the North Pole, I have some concerns to address.
    Firstly, you have mentioned that Santa may be finding over ways to communicate with people in the weeks leading up to christmas. Well, if Corona or some other sort of disaster is still going on by December (and is still continuing during the week before christmas), then how is Santa going to deliver the presents? Is he going to limit time in people’s houses and sanitise his hands and isolate for a fortnight after christmas, or is he going to find some other method of transporting the presents, or is it business as usual? What about the states and countries is the borders closed and such (*As an Australian—ahem Victoria, ahem*)? Will Santa not read any notes left out or drink/eat the milk and cookies lest it be contaminated?
    I apologize if I seem a bit negative and not merry and in the Christmas spirit, but I just had these important questions to discuss.
    On a different note, I am pleased to hear of your Leon day celebrations and I wish everyone at the North pole well!

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