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A Special Podcast About Flying Behind Santa on Christmas Eve

Flying Behind Santa on Christmas Eve

Flying behind Santa on Christmas Eve — someone has to do it. Out today from the North Pole Radio News Team is a special podcast about flying behind Santa on Christmas and what it is like.

Elf Frank Myrrh and Elf Crash Murphy spent hours in the studio this morning to talk about this topic. They had to get special clearance from Santa to have this conversation.

This podcast showcases in a small way the millions of details behind the Santa effort. Santa Claus doesn’t do it all alone, you know.

He has elves. In this case, he has one special elf whose job it is to follow Santa and to report on what happens with every Santa flight.

You get many details right here on Christmas Eve through our Santa Updates. But we also provide you with live radio reports from Elf Crash every Christmas Eve as well.

He has his own sleigh. It follows Santa.

In the podcast, Crash talks about how difficult it is for his sleigh to keep up with Santa. Santa, after all, has all the fastest reindeer.

If you go back and listed to some of those radio reports from last Christmas you can hear some of the adventures that both Santa and Crash have on their flight.

For example, here’s a radio report from Elf Crash from last Christmas when he was over Australia. He shares news about the reindeer and how to leave food out for them.

We hope you enjoy this episode. Click here to listen to this episode of the North Pole Podcast.

And we hope you hang around for more this month. We will be celebrating Leon Day on the 24th and 25th and we have a few surprises lined up for you. We can likewise say the same about Christmas in July next month!

So check back often!

Elf Ernest

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