9 Months Until Christmas

Greetings, friends!

Well, it has been a very eventful time for us here at the North Pole. I am sure it has been an eventful time for you as well.

In fact, I know it has because we have been receiving an usually high amount of mail at the North Pole Post Office. One thing and one thing only seems to be dominating the mail: Coronavirus.

Does Santa have the virus? What about the elves — do they? How will this affect Christmas? Will Santa be able to visit my house? Will I be able to visit Santa? Will Santa be returning to the North Pole because of the virus? What is being done there at the North Pole to fight the virus?

I hope this month to address all of these questions and concerns. We hear you. We know many of you are going through a lot where you live. Most are not in school at this time. Many families are a little worried. We understand what you are feeling.

So, to answer your questions:

  1. Does Santa have the virus? – No, he does not. Santa remains on Walkabout and according to Elf Winslow’s last letter he is still on a ship at sea. We expect another letter any day now. Santa is aware of what’s going on and he has concerns. As you see below, he is taking action at this time to deal with the issue. But he is safe and well (as is Elf Winslow).
  2. What is being done at the North Pole? – Like just about everywhere, the virus is a big concern a the North Pole. We are safe in our homes and trying to keep everyone well by getting lots of sleep, going out only where we have to, and “social distancing”, as they call it, to keep from spreading germs. As of today, there are no cases of the virus at the North Pole. Elves do continue working at the Workshop and other vital departments at the North Pole. Where it is possible, elves are working at home. For the time being, Santa has cancelled all vacation plans and nobody will be traveling from the North Pole to other areas of the world any time soon. Because of that, we are not expecting much in the way of infection at the North Pole. Our reindeer doctors tell us it is impossible for the reindeer to get this virus, so they are safe.
  3. Will Santa be able to visit my house? – There are no changes to Santa’s plans for his flight this year. The countdown continues, as does the new design project for Santa’s sleigh. Everything is going according to plan and we don’t anticipate any problems yet for Santa’s flight.
  4. Will I be able to visit Santa? – Ah, this one we’re waiting for some answers on. We do not know yet if it is safe in all areas of the world for there to be crowds and lines of children trying to see Santa. We will be working with officials in all countries on this situation. We will provide greater details on this as it gets closer to Christmas.

Now, that all being said, we are only 9 months now until Christmas. Given that all elves remain at the North Pole and working I can tell you that production is way up and things are well ahead of schedule for Christmas 2020.

One of the things I wanted to share with you this month is about the Department of Christmas Stockings here at the North Pole. There have been some changes.

The DOCS, as we call it, is not a huge department. Their job is to help Santa coordinate not only what goes in stockings but how stockings are made and function. They have come a long way over the past 200 years.

Back in the 19th century it was a fad among some children to find the biggest stocking they could in the house. This was done in the hopes of getting more gifts from Santa, of course. But Santa found that a little difficult to deal with as he worked his way around the world and stockings became more uniform as they years went by. But for the most part stockings really haven’t changed a whole lot.

One of the innovations of the past 20 years was the invention of Stocking Mail. We talk about it every year. This is usually a last minute mail delivery protocol engaged in the last 24 hours before Christmas Eve. It is meant to help speed up communication between a believer and Santa in those final few hours. The system has worked out pretty well.

While we do not anticipate much change to that function in Christmas stockings we are testing some new technology that will make it even faster and may allow us to extend the use of stocking mail from the final 24 hours to perhaps the last week before Christmas. That would take some pressure off the North Pole Post Office, which I’m sure you recall gets overwhelmed with mail for Santa every year.

All of this new technology and big plans have caused Santa to have the Department of Christmas Stockings moved from the North Pole Post Office to closer to the North Pole Flight Command Center.

Now, I cannot exactly tell you why that is happening. That’s top secret. Maybe later Santa will let me explain it to you better.

But the new location for DOCS means more elves will be assigned to it. Santa is expected to name a new department head for this department. He may (we’re not sure yet) then make some new announcements about what they are calling Stocking 2.0.

This is all very fresh news. I wish I could tell you more. But I cannot at this time. Just be aware there could be some exciting news coming about Christmas stockings this year.

Ok — so that’s a big update for March! Whodathunkit?

We remind you to please be mindful of your parents and the health department locally during these curious times. Take good care of yourselves. Wash your hands. Eat well, Get good sleep. Follow the rules they give us. Santa does not want any of you to get this nasty virus. Let’s stay healhy!

Elf Ernest

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  1. dean gimigliano
    dean gimigliano says:

    i cant wait for the virus to be finished and the uk can get back to normal

  2. Elf Hannah
    Elf Hannah says:

    I know this isn’t critical right now, but hen events have Santa as a visitor, how do I know it isn’t just one of those guys who get paid for seeing children? Also, Elf Winslow doesnt really have a physical description, could you add one? Please respond.

  3. cookie dough
    cookie dough says:

    i’m so glad santa is doing his best to stay healthy. stat safe ya’ll!!!!!

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