Understanding Sectors 1

We have been receiving a lot of questions from folks who are NOT Santa trackers about Sectors. We’re happy to explain it to you.

Sectors are how North Pole Flight Command sees the world. It started long ago when Santa was preparing his first flight plans. He needed to divide the world up into sections so that he could plan for distribution of what many here fondly call “Christmas stuff” (gifts).

You see, Santa can’t fit it all into the sleigh at one time.

He has a very complicated plan of distribution that moves the “Christmas stuff” from the North Pole via a system that shuffles it all according to the sectors.

This graphic explains the basic division of the earth and the locations of each sector:

Understanding Sectors 2


Santa starts in Sector 1 — which is mostly Austalia, New Zealand and the island nations of the seas — and he continues he way west until he completes delivery in Sector 5.

The entire operation at the North Pole — from the workshop to the post office to the tracking department — all are organized and work by sector.

We hope this helps you understand how Santa works and what the news will be in the hours ahead.

Understanding Sectors 3