The Work of Mrs. Claus Right Now 1

I think one of the very best questions we have received in a while came in a short time ago: What is Mrs. Claus doing right now?

That is a great question because Mrs. Claus never gets enough thanks for all that she does. She wears many hats in the Santa effort but I think the greatest is the service she renders to Santa himself. She is an elf in her own right.

Right now, at this very moment, Mrs. Claus is dealing with Santa’s suit.

As we shared the other day in this post Santa’s suit is no regular suit of clothes.

But Mrs. Claus is not really interested in all the technology of Santa’s suit. What she cares about is how Santa looks and if the suit will keep Santa safe. Mrs. Claus, in fact, has total authority on Santa’s suit and he can’t put it on unless it passes Mrs. Claus’ strict standards.

You may know that Mrs. Claus is a professional seamstress and tailor. She often makes customized additions and changes to Santa’s clothes, including his suit. She fusses of over it no matter where Santa wears it or when.

Many people don’t know that Santa actually has several of his signature red suits. Mrs. Claus takes charge of them all. But his flight suit, the one he wears as he goes around the world, is a special suit.

And he has several of them too. Mrs. Claus, who watches Santa via the sleigh cam as he travels, is known to send a fresh suit Santa’s way by express sleigh. If she sees something she doesn’t like, she orders up a fresh suit to be sent to Santa right away.

As you can imagine, as Santa goes from roof to roof and chimney to chimney his suit could take a beating. Sometimes he doesn’t even wait for Mrs. Claus to send off a new suit. He keeps several on the sleigh and if Mrs. Claus says to change it Santa will do it right there in the sleigh between stops.

So that is what Mrs. Claus is doing right now — getting all of Santa’s suits just right.

In our radio news report of this hour we hear from a tracker in Sector 1:

The Work of Mrs. Claus Right Now 2
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