The North Pole Christmas Party 1

It is a work day for all of us at the North Pole, of course, but you can see the signs of a big celebration of Christmas that is about to happen here. As each North Pole Department wraps up their work we are soon to see elves making their way over to the Claus residence for the very big North Pole Christmas Party.

We’re not at that point yet.

But I see elves heading over there anyway.

They are decorating and preparing food.

The place is already decked to the hilt. There’s a massive Christmas tree, as you might expect. And a huge big screen — a massive screen. This is where elves get to watch Santa on the sleigh cam. It is the only televised footage of Santa allowed outside of the tracking center. Santa does it as a little reward for the elves.

There are other celebratory things going on. Even though the weather is positively awful there is what we call a light stroll through village park that is very popular, day and night, snow or no snow. Every tree there is brilliantly lit. And it is something to see with all this new snow.

And then there’s the sleigh museum. Santa keeps his collection of sleighs in a giant warehouse where people can go and see them any time they want. They are fascinating to look at and when I go there I remember past rides Santa has had on Christmas Eve.

Here’s a North Pole Radio News report about the sleigh museum:

The North Pole Christmas Party 2
The North Pole Christmas Party 3