Tracking the Final Test Flight 1

Tracking the Final Test Flight 2After some debate it has been decided that the tracking map that will show the final test flight of Santa’s sleigh will remain available only at

That means you must be a certified tracker elf tracking Santa for Santa to view it.

Some are disappointed with that news and for that we are very sorry. However, we do know that the tracking map for Santa’s flight will be made available on all North Pole websites shortly before Santa’s scheduled launch from the North Pole and will remain available for the duration of his flight.

We will provide news updates on the progress of the final test flight right here on

Customarily the final test flight launches about 12 hours before Santa’s scheduled launch and it lasts for three to four hours before it returns to the North Pole for a wash and a fresh coat of wax.

With the changing weather conditions at the North Pole the scheduled launch of the test flight could change quickly.

Tracking the Final Test Flight 3