Santa Tracking Radio Show 24 Hours Away 1

Santa Tracking Radio Show 24 Hours Away 2Hey everyone! We’re now just 24 hours away from live radio coverage of Tracking Santa around the world.

You can hear that right here on Santa Update as we live stream it from Kringle Radio.

This is the same news and information channel that we listen to here at the North Pole.

The annual tracking Santa show on the radio is a 2-day radio event that involves thousands of elves and takes a full year to coordinate. Radio reporter are dispatched to every sector and while Kringle Radio plays the best of Christmas music the focus is really on North Pole Radio News as it gives us constant updates from the moment Christmas Eve begins in the far corners of the world.

The radio coverage extends to all official North Pole websites —,, and Plus it is picked up by many radio stations around the world.

Some fans out there even record this show. That’s how popular it is and how critical it is to the serious Santa tracker.

Santa Tracking Radio Show 24 Hours Away 3