Secrets of Santa and His Suit 1

We received rather constant questions about Santa and his suit. As a public service, we provide today the following graphic to help fans of Santa to know some of the special capabilities of Santa’s suit and Santa himself. We hope you share this with your friends.

Secrets of Santa and his suit

As you can see, Santa uses a mix of technology and natural abilities to do his work. His sleigh and even the reindeer have similar attributes and employ advanced technology too.

Some have gone as far as to suggest Santa has some similarity to Iron Man.

Friends, Iron Man couldn’t hold a candle to Santa. Santa is the ultimate superhero.

As you get ready to track Santa (using technology available to you) we hope you contemplate Santa’s mission more than his gee-whiz capabilities.

Santa’s mission is what drives him more than anything.

Secrets of Santa and His Suit 2