Weather Concerns at the North Pole 1


The Weather Department at the North Pole Flight Command Center issued its first forecast for Christmas Eve and the news is not surprising: there is an increasing chance of heavy snow for launch time for Santa.

Santa has been through this many times before and if you look back through the archives here on Santa Update you will see a consistent history of significant weather events on Christmas Eve. We can handle it.

Still, it never fails to draw a little smile. All the work, all the stress and all the pressure of Operation Merry Christmas would not be complete without a good blizzard.

Some have asked if such storms are hard on the reindeer.

I would tell you that no, they are not. Reindeer live in the mountains in countries all over the world precisely because of this kind of weather. They thrive in it. There really is no reason to be concerned about snow storms when it comes to Santa or the reindeer.

Just be aware that it takes a very high level of skill to launch and navigate a sleigh in blizzard conditions. Please don’t try it yourself unless you have the right equipment and training. Oh, and the right kind of reindeer.

We will keep you posted as conditions change at the North Pole.

Elf Ernest