Donner Back On His Feet 1

Donner on the mendGreat news!

On my visit to the Reindeer Barn yesterday I saw Donner on his feet and walking around very well. This is a surprise to some but not to those who knew Donner.

Doctors say that Donner is going to heal, just that it will take a little bit of time. It is still uncertain if he will be able to fly with Santa next for Christmas.

Donner was injured earlier this month competing in the Reindeer Games. Since that time Santa has been in touch with the Reindeer Department and the doctors about Donner’s condition and he has visited Donner once. I did report to Santa what I saw yesterday as well as what the doctors told me.

Santa is very hopeful. He said that when Donner decides he is going to do something he just does it. Santa said he would not be surprised if Donner is the first in line to hitch up to the sleigh on Christmas Eve.

This whole situation with Donner has brought to mind questions from many people, including many of you. People want to know what Santa would do without Donner on Christmas Eve.

Santa has millions of elves and thousands of reindeer who work for him. Not every elf or every reindeer is right for every job. It takes a very special reindeer to fly with Santa’s team around the world.

There are many such reindeer. Santa’s flight this year has never been in doubt because of Donner’s injury.

Donner is a legendary figure in the history of not only Santa but also Christmas. He has been known for hundreds of year. Of course we are concerned for him and we love him. Santa would never replace Donner unless he really, really had to.

The news right now is fantastic. Donner is on the mend and is going to be okay. That is all that matters.

We’re in our last days of Operation Merry Christmas 2019. Things are going well overall. The Workshop is ahead of schedule, most appear to be healthy and all is on track for a fantastic Christmas. We hope you stay with us.

Elf Ernest