Professional Trackers Meet

Professional Trackers MeetGreetings all,

We have spent a lot of time this year discussing the work of Tracker Elves and the fact that you can become an elf. That is a very important part of the Santa effort.

But there are other kinds of tracker elves. These are professional trackers elves who live at the North Pole. They receive special training to track Santa for the North Pole each Christmas. There are not very many of them but they do a very important job for Santa.

This team of professional tracker elves are at the North Pole today receiving instruction. Today’s meetings will also reveal to them their destination to track Santa this year. Who know? Maybe one of them will be nearby to where you are.

Usually these professional trackers get sent to remote locations. Santa has so much help in the cities, towns and villages that he tends to send his professional trackers to out-of-the-way places.

These professional tracker elves do not engage in any kind of elf work. They are sent to these places to only track Santa.

They might take with them some specialized equipment. They are doing more than just trying to see Santa in the skies. They are trying to record what Santa looks like, what the sleigh sounds like and even how fast it is going when they fly over certain places.

A professional tracker elf with thus have a lot of equipment on them as they trek into the back country of the far-away places they are assigned to. Their mission is to catch Santa being Santa. They want to get a full record of everything they can see of Santa, the reindeer and the sleigh. They shoot pictures and video. They make sound recordings. They time take-offs and landings.

Once Santa has come and gone from their assigned areas they then have to make a very detailed report. This can take hours to do.

All of these trackers travel great distances and most work in extreme weather. Santa considers it dangerous work. He makes sure they have all the needed safety equipment to go where they go. Sometimes these trackers have been caught in storms or avalanches or even in the rushing waters of rain-swollen rivers. The North Pole Tracking Center has tracking equipment to help keep track of these special elves.

Is there a chance you can meet one?

Yes. There is a chance.

But if you met one you would never know it. They travel in disguise. But they would never tell you they are an elf. That is the elf way.

Santa encourages them to mix in with the citizens of the places where they work. They also have assignments, especially in the days before Santa flies, to gather information about people and places and send it back to the North Pole. But by the time Santa takes off in his sleigh from the North Pole they are set up in their camps and ready to work.

If you meet any of our professional trackers out there we hope you tell us about it!

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