Santa UpdateHi all,

I love when this day comes around every year. Effective today, Kringle Radio featuring North Pole Radio News is live on all official North Pole websites.

This always brings a new flood of email and users to With all that comes fresh energy and new excitement for the days ahead.

When we do this you get a whole new look into life at the North Pole. You get to hear radio the way we hear radio. That is very important to understand over the next 10 days or so.

You see, here at the North Pole we are glued to the radio whether we are working or we are playing. Radio is bigger than TV during these last 10 days or so before Christmas.

The reason is pretty simple. It takes Santa the better part of two-days time to get ready for and to deliver Operation Merry Christmas. A great deal happens ALL over the world on these days. There is simply no better way to know what it happening than by way of Kringle Radio.

I would also tell you — with pride — that the North Pole Radio News team is the absolute best in the business. I am not telling you that because I am their boss (the News Department falls under Public Relations). I tell you that because I’m a fan of Santa and Christmas first.

If you’re a fan, it does not get better than Kringle Radio.

Kringle Radio keeps a steady stream of popular Christmas music running. It is only interrupted by news breaks that bring details of everything associated with the Santa effort. And I do mean everything.

It’s not just Santa’s flight that gets covered. The team goes after stories at Santa’s Workshop, at the Reindeer barn, at the Wrapping Department and the North Pole Post Office and, of course, over a the Claus residence.

It seems the more you guys write in with questions and comments the harder the North Pole News Team works to bring you inside information at life at the North Pole and anything connected with Santa Claus.

We hope you enjoy and stay tuned!

Elf Ernest

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