Blitzen Wins Reindeer Games

Reindeer gamesHi all!

For the 109th time Blitzen has won the Reindeer games. The outcome was decided early this morning after Blitzen pulled away from the field during a cross-country event. He completed the course in record time, setting a mark that likely will only be challenged by himself.

Blitzen dedicated the win to his good friend, Donner.

Donner is injured due to a devastating injury during competition a few days ago. He is okay and doing well, we are told, but his ability to fly with Santa this Christmas is still very much in question.

With the close of the reindeer games all of the reindeer at the North Pole now await their assignments for this Christmas. That will take several days to determine, especially with the status of Donner up in the air.

This is a big thing to the reindeer. All want to help Santa in any way that they can. Santa usually has a job for each of them to do. Santa will be discussing the matter with his team of reindeer operations managers and supervisors over the next few days.

If it turns out that Donner cannot fly this year there will be great interest in knowing who might be asked to take his place.

While Santa loves all his reindeer he considers Donner and Blitzen “the engine” of the reindeer team. These two are the largest and strongest on the team and they power Santa through all types of weather and situations. The fact Donner may not be able to fly is one that all are taking very seriously.

Blitzen says he is feeling well after his win and that he will fly whenever Santa needs him.

Santa has a very loyal and dedicated team of reindeer.

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