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North Pole Post Office Drowning in Mail 2Hi all, lots of breaking news for you today!

Update on Donner: Donner remains in isolation at the Reindeer Barn today and supervisors in the Reindeer Department say that he has not yet tried to walk. There is some swelling that they are concerned about and they don’t want Donner walking too soon. Santa did call again this morning to check on Donner’s status.

News from the North Pole Post Office: The news of Donner’s injury has caused a flood of concerned mail to come into the North Pole Post Office. Today’s question for Elf Crash addresses the issue of why Santa doesn’t respond to many letters he receives and in answering that question we learned a little more about how the North Pole Post Office works and how elves help Santa handle his mail. Listen to the North Pole Radio news report below.

Update on Santa’s Sleigh: Santa’s sleigh has been cleared for test flights. The first flight took off from the North Pole this morning and will be in South America for the next few days.

News from the Reindeer Department: Twelve reindeer gave up their places in the Reindeer games to help with the test flights of Santa’s sleigh. One of those reindeer is named Knute. He was doing very well in the games and had a chance to rank in the top 100. He gave up that chance to help with the test flights of the sleigh.

News from the Tracking Department: The countdown to Christmas continues but the tally of Santa Tracker elves still sits well short of the goal of 20 million that Santa announced last summer. Elf Roger Star, International Director of Tracker Elves, has stated they are working on the problem of getting more elves. He has reminded me to ask you, our readers, if you have not already done so to please go sign up as elves at if you want to help track Santa for Santa.

There’s a lot going on, folks! I hope you can keep up!

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