Workshop is On Track 1

Workshop is On Track 2Hi everyone!

I took a stroll over to Santa’s workshop today. I have made it a habit over the past several years to check in on the workshop frequently during the month of December. Things there can change very quickly.

The good news is that the workshop appears to be ahead of schedule. If the weather remains good, and if the elves remain healthy, and if supplies remain available it should be smooth sailing for the workshop over the next few weeks and that means it will be smooth sailing for Santa on Christmas.

That’s a lot of “ifs”.

Does that mean I expect something to go wrong?

No. But I’m going to keep my eye on it. Santa’s whole job begins with the workshop being successful. We don’t want any slip ups.

If there are any troubles there I will be the first to tell you about it.

I will likewise be checking in on other departments at the North Pole, too.

The Wrapping Department, for example, falls behind faster than any other department. When things are going well at Santa’s Workshop it becomes very busy at the Wrapping Department and they easily fall behind. So I’ll be stopping in on Elf Wally and his team for sure.

The North Pole Post Office sure has a big job. They too can get overwhelmed with “business”, as Elf Hugo likes to call the mail coming to Santa. It can literally change there in minutes.

The Tracking Department could have the biggest job of all. And while they do a lot of work very little they do could or would stop Santa from doing his job. But they are a big, big department that depends on many elves around the world to complete their mission. It is very important that I stop there.

Updates will be coming soon about each of these departments.

Workshop is On Track 3