The Reindeer Games are Coming

The Reindeer Games are Coming 1

Reindeer UpdateHi all! The Reindeer Games are coming!

We always get a lot of questions about the reindeer games. The reindeer games are a very big event at the North Pole because everyone loves the reindeer. For several days there are sporting competitions specifically designed for the reindeer. These games always draw a big crowd.

Why all the interest in the reindeer?

Most reindeer around the world do not get noticed. But Santa’s reindeer are all known by name. They are famous. Concern for them as well as pure curiosity about them and their personalities are just things people cannot get enough of. The reindeer games give us all a chance to know them better.

But the reindeer games have a very serious purpose we should not overlook. These games are intended to train the reindeer and prepare them for the physical test that comes with taking Santa around the world.

The life of a reindeer is very interesting.

After Christmas is over most reindeer stay at the North Pole for a few weeks. Some even stay for several months. Most reindeer come from the Northern Hemisphere and the months of January and February are the harshest winter months for most of them. They know they are fed and protected at the North Pole so many of them just stay.

But those with large families leave and they live a life of natural feeding, playing and activity. The months they are away from the North Pole is almost exclusively on the ground. In fact, for many reindeer, the only times they fly at all are when they are coming to or from the North Pole or when they are flying Santa around the world at Christmas.

When they return to the North Pole in the fall they need several weeks of condition to get used to flying again. This takes a lot of practice and training.

While they work on their flying they are also focusing on their bodies. They sleep well, eat correctly and work hard at strengthening their core muscles so that by the time it comes to fly Santa has confidence in them.

That confidence grows during the Reindeer Games.

Reindeer are naturally competitive and it is a high honor for a reindeer to win the Reindeer Games. But it is more about showing Santa they are ready. Santa follows the games closely.

Next week we will be reporting news from the Reindeer games to keep you posted. Who do you like to win? Blitzen and Donner are always very heavily predicted to win because they are not only part of Santa’s elite team of reindeer but also because they are very big and have won the games so many times before. We shall see how well they do this year.

The Reindeer Games are Coming 2