Third Graders Have Questions 1Howdy all,

Thanks for all your messages about yesterday’s update. If you listen to the North Pole Radio New report below you will see that it was much ado about nothing. Santa’s sleigh is just fine and should be ready for Christmas Eve. Sorry to alarm you.

I received via email today a list of questions from Mrs. Clarke’s 3rd grade class in Marion, Alabama, USA.

I would like to address their list of very good questions. Here is what they ask:

  1. Are reindeer soft to touch? – Not really. Reindeer have heavy, coarse fir. When they are little babies their fur is soft. But as they get bigger their fir becomes thick and heavy. This helps them to stand the cold very well. Reindeer do not like to be touched much.
  2. How does Santa get into a house with no chimney? – He will usually just go through a door. A chimney is convenient for when Santa lands on the roof. If he cannot land the sleigh on the roof he lands in the yard. He gets into the house based on where the sleigh lands. Sometimes that is through a door, sometimes it is through a chimney.
  3. Can a whole class become tracker elves? – Yes, of course! We’d love that. Just have your teacher sign you up at We’d love to have your help!
  4. Can I ride on Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve? – Probably not. Santa is in a big hurry when he flies on Christmas. But if you see him, you can ask him.
  5. Does Santa take a nap when he flies around the world? – Sometimes he does take a little cat nap if he has the time. But it does not happen very often.

Please send me more questions. I love to answer them, especially when a whole class works on them together, as did Mrs. Clarke’s class.

Santa, as you know, is a big supporter of school teachers and education. He feels they do a very important job. While he wishes he had time to visit school rooms during the Christmas season it just is not practical. However, he encourages me in particular to answer questions and provide news to any class or school teacher who asks for them. Whether we answer publicly, as we have in this post, or privately for just the class alone, we are here to provide answers and to help in any way that we can.

Thank you very much for writing to us!

Third Graders Have Questions 2