The Importance of the Christmas Tree

The Importance of the Christmas Tree 1

Tracking SantaGreetings and Happy December to you!

I have received a lot of email about this post. It is a tradition that on the Sunday after Thanksgiving we send Santa’s annual message about the Christmas tree. And yes, this is it.

It is yet another snowy day here at the North Pole. 19 days in a row now it has been snowing! That happens here sometimes. Many of the world think that is one of the charming things about the North Pole. They think all we do is live in the snow year round and that it is all fun.

We like it here but to be honest with you some times the snow is very dangerous. The cold, too, makes this a difficult place to live. But do you know what makes it possible for us to live here despite the terrible weather this place gets?

Christmas trees.

Now, if I’m being honest, I would have to admit that the North Pole does not have many trees. It cannot because it gets dark here much of the year and trees and plants cannot grow. But we have a few hearty species of pine trees that survive the dark, and the cold, and the snow, of the North Pole. We try to plant as many of these varieties that we can and to take very good care of the few trees we have.

Taking care of them means decorating them.

Now, I know what you are thinking: what about fake trees? Doesn’t the North Pole have those too?

And the answer is yes. In fact, we have a whole portion of Santa’s workshop dedicated to making fake trees. We use them in many places at the North Pole to decorate, just as most the world uses artificial trees that look quite lovely.

But all of our outside trees are real because there is not a fake tree in the world that can withstand the cold and the snows of the North Pole.

Our outside trees get decorated every year. We light them with special lights made for the outside and the weather. Those trees are the most important of all. They provide Santa and his reindeer with crucial light that is needed day and night for sleigh navigation.

Now, I’m telling you all this for a reason. Christmas trees are for many more things than just looking pretty.

Your Christmas tree in your home is the same way. It does much more than just sit there.

Your Christmas tree brings Christmas spirit in your home. It radiates love. It serves as a reminder of what Christmas is all about, too. You can gather your family around your tree, eat meals and watch movies together in front of it. It is where both you and Santa place the gifts of Christmas. The Christmas tree is very useful to all of us.

When we put a tree in our home it is like welcoming a guest. We treat it well. We look forward to it coming. We give it a place of honor and importance.

For all of these reasons and many more Santa has some guidelines about your Christmas tree to think about:

  1. Give your Christmas tree a name. If everyone in your house knows the name of the tree they will treat it with more kindness.
  2. Take care of it. Your tree, if real, will require water. No matter the tree, keep it away from heat sources. Talk nice to it. Talk nice to each other in front of it.
  3. Take pictures of it. Sing around it. Include it in your parties and gatherings. It likes to be involved.
  4. Give it time to rest. Turn the lights off now and then.
  5. Use  it. The Christmas tree like to be involved. In many places of the world they do not have fireplaces. So children will hang their stockings on the tree. This is a lovely thing to do and Santa says the tree loves it.
  6. Santa loves Christmas trees. If you want to see Santa in your house on Christmas eve, even though he comes and goes quickly, your best chance of seeing him is near the tree. Some people think the chimney is important when it comes to this but honestly Santa will always go to the Christmas tree in every home. He says he learns a lot from the tree about the children and the family that lives there.
  7. All Christmas trees have the Christmas Spirit. You may feel it. When you put up your tree and decorate it is when you might feel it the most — because that is when you show the tree lots of love. Always try to appreciate your tree. If you do, you will feel the Christmas Spirit it brings.

We bring you these reminders every year about your tree because Christmas trees are that important. Santa hopes you always remember the lessons a Christmas tree teaches us.

The Importance of the Christmas Tree 2