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Writing to Santa

Letters to Santa

Writing to Santa 1Hi all,

I stopped by the North Pole Post Office late yesterday and talked for a bit with Elf Hugo. It is very clear that the North Pole Post Office is already hard at work and have been for weeks.

I asked Hugo if he was ready and he told me that Santa has been generous with hiring more elves to help out at the Post Office this year. But Hugo just doesn’t think it is enough.

“With all this technology the messages for Santa just pile up more and more, ” Elf Hugo said. I asked him what we could do about it.

Elf Hugo has this advice:

  1. If you’re going to write to Santa, do it now. Santa still prefers to get hand written letters over things like emails, texts and voicemails. He loves to see your drawings and to read what you write. But do it now.
  2. Make your note or letter short and to the point.
  3. Ask for help getting it in the mail.
  4. If you have to email, use his official website for the North Pole Post Office at Elf HQ.com
  5. Some of you might need to call and leave a voicemail. You can read about how to do that at Santa’sVoicemail.org
  6. To learn about getting texts from the North Pole, see jinglekringle.com

Oh, and remember kids, it never costs anything to write to Santa and Santa never shows ads on his websites. That’s how you know its from the real Santa.

Writing to Santa 2