Happy Day-Before-Thanksgiving!

It is snowing today but that does not appear to be dampening anyone’s mood here at the North Pole. All are very excited to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow.

We do what most people do on Thanksgiving. We have a big elf parade in the morning and then we all gather with our families to eat together. Most here eat turkey but a few might find something else to eat that they prefer. Pies — especially pumpkin and pecan pies — are also very popular at the North Pole.

But after dinner we always do something pretty special.

Santa goes house to house asking people to join him on a “merry walkabout”. As he goes from house to house they turn on their Christmas lights.

This is a very big deal here. You see each year we have a contest and each year elves try to out-do each other with their crazy decorating.

As we go house to house our little village gets brighter and brighter. There is always laughter. There are always surprises. Oh, and there’s plenty of hot cocoa, too.

But only one elf can win the prize as the best decorated house and that’s something he or she can brag about for a whole year. It is a very prestigious acknowledgement for an elf to win that prize.

I have never won it. Maybe someday I will be that good with the lights!

Listen to the report below from the boys in the radio news department. They seem to love Thanksgiving too.

Thanksgiving at the North Pole 1