Hi ho! Only one month to go!

What an exciting week ahead for us at the North Pole. Finally, after 11 months of counting down we’re finally in the home stretch. Christmas Eve is one month from TODAY. Can ya believe it?

You can feel the excitement in the air. People are decorating. Trees and lights are going up everywhere. And they are starting to make and hide stuff. Christmas around here is all about surprises and you can tell people are getting into it this year.

But don’t let me lead you into thinking that people are just goofing around. There is still a lot of serious work going on. Friday, after all, is the start of Operation Merry Christmas. That is when everything and I mean everything has to come together.

So very many things happen here between Thanksgiving and Christmas. That’s is what our job is — to tell you about that stuff.

But before we get down to detailing the business of Santa and the North Pole and everything that happens with the elves, the sleigh, the reindeer, the workshop and everything else we need to stop for a day or two and take a break. Thanksgiving is a big, big deal here. And nobody will miss it.

It begins early on Thursday with the elf parade. And we will have radio coverage to share with you. So hold your questions on it until you hear the news. We’ll tell you all about it.

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Operation Merry Christmas